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Go Fast and Shoot



We are a full service, Class 3  SOT FFL; which means we can buy, sell and manufacture NFA firearms. So there’s that.

You can expect  real life insights on unusual gear, and a good deal when we sell  new/ reviewed equipment. We can also order you stuff you want. 


We’ll also talk shop on motorcycles, photography and other awesome topics. Think of us like that edgy friend who's into all kinds of stuff, knows a little about everything and is trying to talk you into a surf trip to Costa Rica.  Except we have real jobs. 



We are a family owned FFL dealer in Scottsdale, AZ. A family history of  military and police service;  embedded the values of Honesty, Loyalty and Service in everything we do.

Husband, wife and our brothers; we formed this site to have fun and share those passions with you. Between us we have over 100 years of service, knowledge and life experience. We're professional but not   tacticool, fanatical or wired too tight.  

We formed this place to share our passions, preserve the 2nd Amendment, protect our constitutional rights and create a community of life acceleration .We believe in living responsibly and preserving those things that make the world  an exciting place .






We don't want to talk about things, we want to do things. 


Our primary focus is  supporting military families, first responders, animal rescues,  wildlife  and the 2nd amendment.  We don’t believe our causes are the only causes;   but we   put our money where our mouth is.

You’ll see on our “Hero Up” page the groups we personally support or are affiliated with and how you can join in.

Please join us in raising awareness and taking personal accountability to protect the things than matter.


We promise you'll feel good right away! 

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