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  • Why is Fenix spelled wrong?
    Fenix is spelled in honor of one of the greatest fictional characters ever created. If you don't recognize the name google it. Hint:his best friend is Dom. The character reminds me of my father so in honor of both the fictional character and my dad; we named it "Fenix" Firearms.
  • Why does this Fenix character remind you for your dad?
    My dad is a former Marine Corps Force Recon sniper. He served 2 tours in Vietnam before coming home with a well earned purple heart. He immediately went into the Sheriff's department serving for 30+years. He was an investigator, head of Search and Rescue and head of the SWAT team. If there is ever a post apocalyptic crisis, like Fenix; he'll be the first one to gear up and save the world. He's a true Hero.
  • What's the difference between a class 2 and class 3 SOT?
    Nothing functionally. Class 2 is assigned to a dealer/manufacturer. Class 3 is assigned to a dealer only. Both allow the FFL to handle the same NFA weapons. So don't worry about a "Class 3" FFL, as long as they have an SOT they have paid the Federal Tax and can process your NFA transfers legally.
  • How does buying a firearm online work?
    It's not as difficult or challenging as you might think. In fact it's one of the best ways to get what you want and get a good deal (vs getting robbed by your local box store). Make sure you can legally own the item you want to purchase. This can not be understated! Select, purchase and pay for the item you want. Credit Card (may lose cash discount), Cashiers check or other certified payment (usps money order etc). Find a local FFL to have the item shipped to. This is the person that will ultimately process the ATF paperwork and deliver the item to you. They may charge a transfer fee. Contact that local FFL and have them send the the seller a copy of their FFL. They are used to this and will send it quickly. They must send it, you can not. Wait impatiently while UPS or FedEx delivers your gear to that local FFL. Your local FFL will process any appropriate paperwork (4473 and background check if required in your state). They will then hand over your gear. Congrats! Go enjoy your new gear. FYI...This is the same process if you select us as your receiving FFL. Notify us and we'll send our FFL to your seller.
  • Can you order me an item?
    Most likely yes and usually at a substantially lower price than your local brick store, shooting range or mom and pop storefront! They have more overhead to pass on. We don't. So use the contact page and send us an email with the exact details. We'll quickly give you an answer on if the item is availalbe and best price we can offer.
  • What is your return policy?
    We sell new or like new demo items; so we are always sure you'll be very satisfied with your purchase. But here are the formal details required due to lawyers. New/New in Box/Merchandise: This merchandise is brand new, original maunufacturer equipment and is warrantied by the manufacturer according to their policies. Any warranty issues should be directed to those manufacturers directly. Demo'd Merchandise: This merchandise has been slightly used or demo'd for our video reviews and is sold "As Is". Any remaining or valid manufacturer warranty applies but is directly between you and the manufacturer. We do not provide any supplemental warranty. We give you 7 calendar days to inspect and test a demo'd item to make sure it meets your expectations. Used Merchandise: This merchandise is in like new condition but is sold "as is" with no warranty expressed or implied. Once you take delivery of the item from your selected FFL we will not return it. Please read our entire return policy here: Shipping and Returns.
  • Do you accept PayPay, Apple Pay or Stripe?"
    Generally No. All of those vendors specifically restrict firearms or firearms accessories. They may at any point in the transaction freeze the money and not release it to either you or me. We do securly accept credit car payments through our contract service or through our GunBroker portal.
  • Your items are also on
    Yes, many of our items are listed in auction format on Gun Broker. You may bid in the auction format or buy it directly from us at a set price. We will then pull down the auction of course.
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